Rattan Sun Loungers

Rattan Sun Loungers by the pool

Rattan sun loungers have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Made from synthetic wicker, they have many benefits, including the fact that they require very little, if any, maintenance.

Stylish and contemporary Rattan Sun Loungers

These sun loungers are available in some fantastic, contemporary designs, including sofa beds, armchairs and duo seats. There are also some designs which have canopies, which are ideal if you’re looking for something which has built-in shade and protection from the sun. However, there are also some pieces that would lend themselves to a slightly more traditional style of garden.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find sleek and stylish garden furniture which not only looks good but is also comfortable. This is one area where rattan sun loungers come into their own as they do tend to be very comfortable, particularly styles which either come with cushions or for which you can buy them to complete the look.

Lightweight Rattan Sun Loungers

Most garden furniture is usually heavy and difficult to move. Whilst this may not be a problem for patio sets, such as tables and chairs, it can be a problem for recliners if you want to move them during the day to take advantage of the moving position of the sun. One of the advantages of rattan sun loungers is that they are lightweight and therefore can be moved around the garden more easily. However, they are still strong and sturdy. Furthermore, you also have the option to use your furniture both outdoors and indoors in a conservatory. The fact that it’s lightweight makes it easy to move, depending on your needs.

Weather resistant Rattan Sun Loungers

Synthetic rattan is extremely durable and weather resistant, requiring very little maintenance. This means it will last for many years and won’t crack like natural rattan.

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