Wooden Sun Loungers

Wooden sun loungers for the garden

Wooden sun loungers are available in a great variety of styles and designs to suit a wide range of gardens, including traditional and contemporary. They are probably regarded as one of the most classic, but timeless, pieces of garden, or patio, furniture.

Various woods are used to make wooden garden furniture, with the most popular ones being:

  • Teak
  • Oak

Both teak and oak are slow-growing hardwoods and are often used for garden furniture because they offer long-lasting, durability. They also have a natural look and feel to them, which many people prefer.

Comfort of wooden sun loungers

As the backrest is usually adjustable, it should be quite easy to find a comfortable position to soak up the sun or relax and enjoy the garden. Some have multi-positions, which makes it easy to change the height of your backrest, depending on whether you are relaxing, sun-bathing, or reading.

Most people prefer to use a cushion with wood sun loungers, to make them more comfortable. Many of these types of sun loungers don’t come with cushions included, so this is something you may want to factor into your budget when deciding which to buy.

Alternatively, a folded beach towel would make a very comfortable cushion for your lounger and has the benefit of being easy to wash after use.

Manoeuvrability of wooden sun loungers

Sun loungers made from wood tend to be heavier than ones made from other materials. For this reason, you might want to consider looking for a model which has wheels at one end, particularly if you will be moving it around the garden regularly.

Care and maintenance of wooden sun loungers

You will need to treat your wooden garden lounger regularly with a wood preservative. You might also prefer to protect them from the elements by sheltering them during the winter months, or by storing them under a garden furniture cover.

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